Complete Repair

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  • Suspension shock absorbers and ball joints, control arms, bushings, all the things related to the ride quality

  • Transmission service repair and replacement if required

  • Complex diagnostics including updating the on-board software with Factory Equipment

  • Leaks from any system, engine, steering, AC Freon, oil, transmission, and any seals 

  • Power Steering rack and hoses repaired for leaks or pulling, noise

  • Exhaust noise determination and repair or replacement

  • Electrical troubleshooting replace switches and alternators, starters, all this no problem

  • Preventive maintenance just like the manufacturer suggests to head off problems

  • Battery replacement is easy we stock all batteries for these cars, while you wait ire rotation or replacement  balancing and alignment 

  • Air Conditioning diagnosis including leak testing and full repair and service

  • Cooling system pressure test for leaks and repair as required

  • All work performed by Certified Technicians using only the finest parts

  • Anything related to fixing your concern on BMW Mercedes or Porsche.