Your vehicle has warning lights that illuminate on your dashboard to communicate to you any issues your vehicle may be experiencing. BMWs are no different. If your BMW’s low coolant light has come on and is illuminated on your dashboard, it is a sign that there is something wrong.

One of the reasons why your coolant light may be on is because your vehicle is actually low on coolant, and there could be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Coolant plays an essential role in your vehicle’s ability to function and run properly. A vehicle engine creates enough heat when in operation that it could weld its parts together. Coolant prevents this by being pumped around the engine to cool it off, keeping you safe and saving you money.

It is important that you have your vehicle inspected as soon as you notice the low coolant light illuminated on your dashboard, so that you can have your vehicle serviced and make sure it is safe to drive on the road.

Reasons Your Coolant Light Might Come On

If your vehicle’s low coolant light is lit up on the dashboard, your vehicle may experiencing one of the following issues:

  • Coolant is Low: This is the most common cause for your vehicle’s coolant light to come on. While it is possible the vehicle might just be low on coolant, it is likely your vehicle is experiencing another issue that is causing your vehicle to lose coolant over time. If this is the case, you need your vehicle inspected and serviced accordingly.
  • Faulty Sensor: In order for your vehicle to recognize the coolant is low, there needs to be a sensor that detects the level of coolant in your vehicle’s engine. In most vehicles there is a floating sensor in the coolant reservoir that is triggered when the coolant level becomes too low, turning on the warning light.

If you check your coolant reservoir and it appears to be full, but your low coolant light is on, then your vehicle’s coolant sensor may be malfunctioning. Most automotive shops can diagnose a sensor malfunction and replace the sensor.

Reasons Why Your Coolant Might Be Low

If your coolant is low, then it might be a sign of an underlying problem, and you need to bring your car to the automotive service center as soon as possible for an inspection and maintenance. The following are some of the reasons your vehicle might be low on coolant:

  • leak in reservoir/overflow tank
  • leak in radiator
  • leak in radiator hoses
  • leak in water pump
  • damaged or broken radiator seal
  • compromised head gasket

What Do You Need to Do if the Coolant Light Comes On

Since low coolant is the most common reason your coolant light is illuminated on your dashboard, it is crucial that you have your vehicle looked at immediately because your vehicle’s engine is at risk of overheating. If you choose to ignore the warning light, you are risking expensive and dangerous damages to your vehicle.

If the low coolant light comes on while driving, you should pull over at the first safe place you can. To avoid being burned, you need to wait at least thirty minutes for the engine and fluids to cool down.

After cooling down, open your vehicle’s hood and check the coolant reservoir. If the coolant level is low in the reservoir, you can open the reservoir carefully and add enough coolant until it fills the coolant reservoir as specified on the tank.

If there are any visible leaks, then you may want to have your vehicle towed to a mechanic, but if there are no visible leaks and you feel comfortable driving, then you can drive it yourself to a nearby mechanic. Either way, it is important for you to have your vehicle inspected and serviced by a qualified mechanic as soon as you can to have any potential issues fixed.

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Adequate coolant is vital to your vehicle’s BMW Coolant Fillingautomotive health. If your vehicle’s coolant warning light is lit on the dashboard, you need to bring your vehicle to an automotive shop promptly to ensure it receives the maintenance it needs.

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