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If you own a Mercedes BMW or Porsche, we are the answer to the question where is the best BMW shop near me, or where can I get dealer level service on my Mercedes-Benz, but with a better price. We offer options to make it more affordable to service these cars. We are the friendly, economical, Independent shop alternative to the dealer. We are fast, honest and priced right. 

This is our 20th year in operation, and you can trust our highly trained Master Certified Technician's expert workmanship.   


We want you to be safe in your car, and comfortable with the service you receive from us. We aim to provide the best value for service in the Birmingham Alabama area. We are an economical choice however, because we offer alternatives such as reworking your original part, with a warranty, or in some cases, we can select a high quality used part, backed by a warranty for parts and labor. Items like a dash display unit, or sound system component, most shops say new part, or nothing. Sometimes that is just not practical due to the expense, so we strive to be creative and do what works within reason.


All Momentum employees are paid a set salary, which is highly unusual in any car repair shop, so their motivation is keeping you happy, not rushing through the work to earn a production based commission


Our employees and techs specialize in service & repair on Mercedes BMW Porsche only and work on thousands of these vehicles every year.


It really matters where you take your car, and it is best to avoid generic lube type place, or a big national chain store. To offer a low price, many of these places use generic parts and often employ people who are just starting out as a mechanic, and your car might be the first one they ever raised the hood on. This results in guesswork beyond their capabilities.  We see a good number of cars that we are asked to straighten out after they have been worked on by people who are not familiar with these cars.

If you are trying to decide the best place to take your car, try asking other owners of cars like yours, if they ever came to us, they may already be our customer, or click on the box below and read our Google Reviews. We invite you to become a customer and look forward to your call.


Based on customer's Google reviews, a fair amount consider us to be the best place to take a Mercedes BMW or Porsche for service and repair in the Birmingham Alabama area.

 We are the logical, smart choice and the best place to get your car fixed right, the first time, on time, every time. Why go anywhere else? 




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