Porsche models are the vision of excellence in performance and sporty aesthetics, so when your Porsche is experiencing driveshaft failure, it is often the last thing you would expect. Driveshaft failure in your Porsche will likely be characterized by odd noises, which can be concerning in itself. In fact, Porsche models are notorious for experiencing the breakdown of their driveshafts. So, while you may know this is a possibility, few Porsche owners are actually prepared for this mishap.

Let’s take a look at how you can determine if a Porsche driveshaft failure may be impending, what you can do to stave it off, and how to respond if your Porsche driveshaft does fail.

What is the purpose of a driveshaft in a Porsche?

As an integral part of the drivetrain of any Porsche, the driveshaft works with other drivetrain components to maintain torque and maintain rotation control in your moving vehicle. It is connected to the drivetrain but isn’t really a part of any other integral components.

Keeping other parts aligned in the drivetrain is an important role of the driveshaft. In Porsche models specifically, the center bearing mount is the common root of all issues in Porsche driveshaft failure.

Signs of a Failed Driveshaft Support in Porsche Models

Unlike some other vehicle malfunctions, it is often quite easy to detect a driveshaft failure in your Porsche. Some signs are obvious, while others are more subtle, but they all indicate the driveshaft of your car is either failing or on its way out.

  • Weird sounds coming from underneath your Porsche: Often described as grinding, rattling, or clanking, these sounds are indicative of loose driveshaft support or complete failure. Acting as a driveshaft bearing, the support components can wear down and make the same sounds that occur when a bearing goes out.
  • Jerking motions when put into gear: A poor driveshaft support system will start out straight when you take off and then gain slack the further you drive. This can cause unexpected jolts in your drive, as your vehicle picks up the slack and lets loose again.
  • Completely broken driveshaft: If your driveshaft completely gives you while you are driving you may experience intense noise, jerking, or the feeling of something dragging the ground. In any case, you shouldn’t try to drive your Porsche anymore at this point to avoid further damage.
  • Detectable burning smells: When driveshaft components have been damaged or worn, overheating can occur. This creates a distinctive burning smell, which should be checked out immediately.

Causes of Driveshaft Support System Failure

So, now we know what to look for in terms of signs that your driveshaft is beginning to fail, you’ll want to know how it can be prevented. In discerning the common causes of driveshaft support failure, you can distinguish what can be done to stop it from occurring originally.

  • Damage from Road Hazards: Located underneath your vehicle, the driveshaft is susceptible to many kinds of damage along the road. Blown tires, objects in the road, or big rocks can cause irreparable damage to your Porsche’s driveshaft.
  • Lack of Routine Maintenance: When you don’t get your Porsche inspected and maintained regularly, driveshaft issues can go unreported and give way to larger problems. While you may want to save money by avoiding routine maintenance, it rarely pays off in the long run.
  • Design and Manufacturer Defects: Sometimes, your Porsche may have undetected physical inconsistencies that can lead to driveshaft support failure without any knowledge it could occur. Whether this is a product of the design or of production within the factory, Porsche driveshaft support failure is commonplace.

Service for Your Porsche at Momentum Motorworks

Regular maintenance for your Porsche at Momentum Motorworks is advised so we can take a Porsche Driveshaft Support Failure Fix good look at your Porsche’s driveshaft support system in person. Yet, if your driveshaft support system failed between appointments or was damaged in general, our service technicians are always here to assist.

Friendly and caring, our expert technicians are committed to performing quality workmanship in your Porsche and keeping the customer updated every step of the way.

With experience in serving Alabaster, Homewood, Helena, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, and Birmingham communities in Alabama, Momentum Motorworks will have your Porsche back up and running no time after driveshaft support failure occurs. Give us a call at (205) 403-4626 and our experienced technicians will get you safely back on the road.

* Porsche Cayman image credit goes to: SusanaValera.

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