Mercedes cars are luxurious cars that are designed for smooth driving and handling. That’s why squeaking, clunking, and unpleasant noises from your suspension can ruin your experience and also cause major driving concern. In this article, we will give a basic overview of the suspension system in your Mercedes, what to look for if it is failing, and what the best course of action is to fix the issue.

How does the suspension in your Mercedes work?

The focus of your suspension is to give the driver a smooth, comfortable ride. In a vehicle with bad suspension, you may find you are now aware of every bump in the road as you are driving. You may get out of the vehicle feeling rattled, and the drive itself can become an unpleasant experience as opposed to the smooth glide you’re now accustomed to in your Mercedes Benz.

The purpose of the suspension is to absorb every shock, bumb, crack, or imperfection in the road to provide the smoothest ride possible for the driver and passengers. So, let’s take a look at the suspension of your Mercedes. There are a variety of different suspension types, including the patented AIRMATIC system, but most suspensions feature the same three key parts:

  • Springs: Your Mercedes suspension has springs to absorb shocks and level out the suspension no matter what you are driving over. The spring stretches and compresses as the wheels move up and down. This absorbs the shock of the road and ensures a comfortable and smooth drive for you as the driver.
  • Shock Absorbers: While springs are responsible for absorbing the initial shock and imperfections delivered by rapidly changing road conditions, the shock absorbers dampen and break up the energy from the shock and convert it into a different kind of energy. In most cases for vehicles the energy produced is heat.
  • Anti-Roll Bars: The two previously-mentioned parts are primarily for keeping the car ride smooth. However, the anti-roll bars are responsible for keeping the weight of your car evenly distributed when making turns. Without anti-roll bars, your car could tip and roll when making turns.

Mercedes models that have a five-link rear suspension have 5 arms that support your vehicle. This engineering setup provides the smooth comfort associated with your Mercedes Benz. These links and suspension absorbs the dips, bumps, and road imperfections as you drive down various types of roads and highway conditions. This type of suspension also enables your model to make tighter turns.

Odd Sounds in the Rear Suspension

Lubricant is necessary for many parts in your Mercedes, your suspension being one of them. Lubrication aids the various parts of your suspension in moving with ease and reduces heat from friction. Where there is a lack of lubrication, it can cause the metal parts to grind together, which causes noises and unnerving rattling.

You may notice that noises happen more when you are turning corners. If this is the case, your Mercedes may have problems with the rear suspension ball joints. These joints allow the suspension to move freely within its system. If the ball joints are cracked, broken, or damaged, your ride will no longer be smooth and turning will become noisy and may be labored. You might also hear clunking or squealing noises when you corner.

The cushioning mounted to the joints of your suspension system are called the bushing. These are made of rubber and help absorb any excess vibrations from the joints. They also minimize the noise from your Mercedes. If the bushing is damaged or worn out, you will hear extra vibrations and unwanted noises.

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