The engine in your BMW is built for nothing short of excellent performance. For this to be possible, all the engine components need to work together in sync. When the high pressure fuel pump in your BMW fails, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy the fun that comes with your performance engine. The high pressure fuel pump in a BMW can fail for a number of reasons, so let’s take a closer look.

Poor Quality Oil

When it comes to luxury brands like the BMW, the manufacturer often insists on using specific brands and qualities of oil. Failure to use the recommended quality opens up the engine to many problems, including faster wear of the moving parts. Poor-quality oil is unable to provide sufficient lubrication to the components which experience excessive friction, leading to extreme heat damage and ultimately, an accelerated failure rate.

Faulty Injector Pump

The high pressure fuel pump is responsible for delivering highly-pressurized fuel into the engine’s fuel injector. The high pressure in the fuel flowing from the fuel pump increases the chances of the fuel leaking. These leaks can end up causing the injector pump to deliver excess fuel in the combustion chamber, which will cause the engine to run rich due to the unburnt fuel causing a carbon buildup.

Solenoid Failure

The solenoid is responsible for regulating the volume of the high pressure fuel pump by changing the port location within the pump. When the solenoid develops problems, it is unable to regulate the volume. As a result, the fuel pump pressure becomes significantly lowered. Since it is a high pressure pump, the fuel pump will be rendered unable to function under the low pressure conditions.

Lack of Regular Oil Change

Engine oil wears out over time and with regular use. This natural wear is made faster by external conditions, such as impurities finding their way into the oil. These impurities could be in the form of moisture from the air or dust particles from driving around. What’s more, the engine compartment also gets really hot, increasing the chances of wear. So when you leave the oil in your BMW unchanged for too long, it will deteriorate and will not provide the necessary lubrication to the high pressure fuel pump. As a result, the friction between the fuel pump parts will cause them to wear out even faster to the point of failing.

Effects of High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

Because the engine is at the heart of your BMW, a problem in the high pressure fuel compartment will have some undesirable effects on your driving experience. Top among these effects is that your BMW will start losing power when you’re accelerating. Acceleration necessitates the engine to burn more fuel than normal, and this means that the high pressure fuel pump would need to work harder to meet the demand. If the car hesitates to power up for the acceleration, then chances are that you have a fuel pump problem.

Another negative effect of fuel pump failure is that the engine may sputter or jerk while accelerating. This movement is as a result of the fuel pump being inconsistent in its delivery of fuel into the combustion chamber. This inconsistency is often a direct result of the irregular pressure in the fuel pump.

Your engine may also flat out refuse to start. This happens mostly when the fuel pump fails completely and is therefore unable to deliver any fuel into the combustion chamber. The engine may also hesitate to start when you try to get the car in motion. This may happen because of the inconsistent pressure in the fuel pump, which affects the delivery of fuel into the combustion chamber to ignite.

Momentum Motorworks for Your BMW

When it comes to the engine in your BMW, BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Check prevention is better than repairs & replacements. If left unchecked, engine problems can cause irreparable damage, necessitating a full replacement, which is expensive.

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