When your check engine light turns on, there are potentially several things that could be wrong with your Audi. It may be as simple as a loose gas cap or as serious as the oxygen sensor not working or your engine overheating. It is not uncommon for a car owner to have no idea why their check engine light is blinking on their Audi.

The best way to interpret why the check engine light is blinking on an Audi is to take it into a licensed mechanic. They can use a diagnostic code reader on the vehicle and receive a code that tells them exactly what is wrong with the Audi. This can save a lot of hassle and is a great way to get your Audi fixed without the wait.

Common Reasons for the Check Engine

The check engine light is your signal that something is not working right in your Audi. There are several reasons why this light will turn on. Sometimes the issue is not a big deal, though this light is often a sign of a major problem in your Audi. Below, we listed some of the most common reasons why your Audi check engine light is blinking.

Loose Gas Cap

This is a common reason that the check engine light is on and a fairly easy one to fix on your own. It is as simple as checking the gas cap and making sure it is on tightly. Tighten it completely and the check engine light will go off if this is the reason it turned on.

Failed Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is an important part of any vehicle. It is responsible for regulating the mixture of fuel and air that your engine will emit. When the sensor stops working, the Audi may start to burn more fuel than normal. Not only is this bad for your fuel efficiency, it may cause other major problems in your Audi.

If the car owner does not repair the oxygen sensor, it may damage the catalytic converter and spark plugs in the Audi. Take your Audi into a licensed mechanic right away if you suspect the oxygen sensor has failed.

Failed Catalytic Converter

In your Audi, this is the component in the exhaust system responsible for turning carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If the car owner has failed their routine maintenance of the vehicle, the converter may wear out and cause the check engine light to come on. Regular oil changes can help you catch this problem early.

Spark Plugs

If the spark plugs or any of the wires that run to the spark plugs wear out or get damaged, it is possible the check engine light will turn on to alert you to this. A licensed mechanic can replace these for you easily.

Engine Problems

When the check engine light starts to blink or flash rather than stay solid, this is an indication of a more serious problem with the vehicle. As soon as you see the flashing light, you need to stop driving your car and get an appointment immediately with a reputable auto repair shop.

The flashing light is a major indicator that something serious is wrong with your Audi. It may be an engine misfire or something that may make the car undrivable if you continue without getting the problem fixed.

If you are near a licensed mechanic like our team, we are happy to check it out and see what major issue is causing the flashing light. Do not continue driving your Audi in that condition. Get it towed or drive into our shop right away.

Momentum Motorworks for Your Audi’s Needs

When you notice that the check engine light is Audi Engine Problem Inspection blinking on your Audi, it is a good idea to bring it to our licensed mechanics as soon as possible. At Momentum Motorworks, we are able to check out your Audi and see what is causing the check engine light to turn on.

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