The water pump keeps your Porsche running by moving the correct amount of coolant from the reservoir tank into the engine. When this system begins to fail, your engine will overheat. This extreme hot environment can actually melt and warp metal. In order to prevent this from occurring, there are a few steps to be taken to proactively ensure the health of your water pump and your Porsche model.

As you tick over the miles, damage or wear and tear is inevitable, so it is possible to sustain water pump leaks despite your best efforts. Besides preventative maintenance, the next best option is to fix problems as soon as possible before they do more damage to the rest of the vehicle.

Familiar Signs of a Leaking water Pump

There are some telltale signs that your water pump is already leaking or damaged, any of which are an immediate reason to bring your Porsche in to a certified technician to stop any further damage to your vehicle.

  • Visible puddles of water/coolant where your car has been parked: If you ever pull out of your garage, driveway, or a parking spot and see a puddle, your vehicle should be serviced right away. This step is crucial to respond to right away because it could be a symptom of damage to the pump itself or any number of related components. It is also a risk not just to the car but to any people or animals in the area being exposed to the potentially harmful liquids in your engine.
  • Coolant and water mixing: The next easiest sign to spot if you have water pump problems is if there is coolant and water mixed together anywhere in the engine block. This would be noticeable when topping up either reservoir tank. It is important to check these fluids visually at home. Also, your mechanic will easily spot this issue during your regular maintenance When looking at a part of the coolant system, such as the radiator or reservoir, it will be clear that water and coolant are mixing because of discoloration of either. Water should be clear and coolant is purposefully made to be bright in coloring, so it is easy for car owners to spot.
  • Engine Overheating: As it was referenced above, the water pump’s primary function is pushing coolant through the engine block. Although an overheating engine could mean any number of problems are happening, the culprit could be a leaking or malfunctioning water pump. There are a number of other, larger problems that could be the culprit, so it is important to have your vehicle serviced right away if the engine is overheating. All Porsche owners want to avoid an engine rebuild due to excessive heat damage, so call our service center right away if you suspect something is wrong with the heat in your engine bay.
  • Strange sounds in the engine compartment: Because the water pump is driven by a belt, like many other parts of your engine, this leaves room for constant rubbing and damage can be sustained. These parts are built to withstand the abuse, so it is unlikely the belt will just snap on its own. It can sustain damage from road debris and start making strange sounds. These odd noises should alert you to a problem. If the belt is damaged, the pump will not operate as intended, which should be fixed before more parts break and the engine overheats.

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