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When it comes to your comfort while driving, there’s nothing quite as important as a properly working A/C. If you neglect routine A/C service throughout the year, it can mean serious problems in the summer months when you need it to perform its’ best. With the standard for German cars even higher, an issue with the A/C is the last thing you want to be stuck dealing with. At Momentum Motorworks we help drivers stay on time with all routine maintenance and service appointments, including complete A/C services & repairs. Our hands-on, customer-friendly approach has made us Birmingham’s go-to shop for all Audi, BMW, & Mercedes A/C services & vehicle maintenance.

Brands We Service

At Momentum Motorworks we specialize in all models of:

Each brand is known for having unique service requirements for each model. By focusing on these brands, we’re able to offer the most complete & comprehensive service possible, including full A/C maintenance. The result is fast, accurate service that gets you back on the road with a car you can trust.

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  • ASE Certification
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Complete A/C Maintenance Keeps You Cool

Your car’s A/C is made up of many smaller components that will all wear down over time and depending on how you use the A/C. Having your A/C checked annually will help prevent these components from becoming too damaged for the system to work properly. Our shop uses the latest factory-grade diagnostic equipment available to check your entire A/C system, including:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Receiver
  • Accumulator
  • Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Evaporator

From inspecting every component to handling other issues like Freon recharging, leaking lines and anything else, our ASE certified technicians handle everything by working with you, so you always know exactly what your car needs.

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Located in Birmingham, Momentum Motorworks is also proud to be the go-to shop for drivers in surrounding areas including:

Don’t put off A/C service until it’s too late. Call today to schedule annual maintenance or if you’re experiencing any issues with airflow in your car’s A/C. Our friendly staff is always here to help make maintaining your German car as easy and convenient as possible.

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