If you drive a Mercedes, then you know that it’s a reliable brand renowned for their quality, premium features, and interior comforts. Despite all of their impressive features and ground-breaking engineering, they can run into problems. A common fault in many Mercedes cars is erratic shifting of their automatic transmission.

If the automatic transmission of your vehicle is changing erratically, then you should attend to it immediately. The problem may be due to some faulty components in the transmission and shifting mechanism. Failure to tackle this minor fault can cause your car’s transmission to break down entirely. This would be a big problem, considering how expensive transmission systems are to build and repair. However, you may avoid such a crisis, so let’s take a look at why your car’s automatic transmission could be acting up and where to go for help.

The Purpose of the Transmission System

The transmission system of your Mercedes is designed to move your car. It transfers the energy generated from the engine to the wheels. Depending on your current selection, this system will determine the amount of torque needed to propel your car forward. The system utilizes multiple gears that work together to push the car to high speeds and decelerate its motion as well.

Ways to Spot Erratic Shifting of an Automatic Transmission

Erratic shifting in your car’s transmission may occur in a few ways. The car may jerk during each gear shift. This is the most common sign that will tell you there is a fault with your car’s transmission. Any jerking or uncontrollable movement when in motion requires special attention from professionals.

Another way this problem may present is if your Mercedes is having a hard time gaining speed through power. Accelerating your car to higher speeds will become harder if the transmission system isn’t able to convert horsepower to force the car’s wheels to spin. This can make it more difficult to get up to speed when merging on a busy highway, which can be dangerous for you and your passengers. You need power on demand, and your Mercedes was engineered to provide this. If you’re having transmission problems, this will become an issue.

Top Reasons for Automatic Transmission Problems

Erratic shifting in your car’s transmission is an indication of serious underlying problems which includes:

  • A faulty sensor: As you drive, sensors are designed to read data about the car and send the information to its main computer. They help you drive better and optimize your driving experience.
  • A faulty solenoid: Solenoids are powerful electromagnets that send current to different parts of your vehicle when you move. A faulty solenoid could cause poor electric supply leading to erratic shifting of the automatic transmission system.
  • Clogged Lines: Dirty lines lower the pressure needed for the optimal functioning of the transmission. Make sure that the transmission pump is working perfectly and there is enough transmission fluid in the engine.
  • Wear and Tear: As you use your Mercedes car every day, every different component within it slowly degrades. This degradation happens to your transmission too. It’s inevitable and a popular reason why transmission systems malfunction.

Trust your instincts. If you notice any malfunctions or unpredictable occurrences in your transmission system, it may be a serious underlying problem. Every driver is familiar with their car’s performance and can instantly spot any considerable changes. Understanding how your vehicle works is crucial to identifying what’s wrong with your vehicle. As soon as you suspect a problem, consult a professional technician to check what’s going wrong with your car.

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