A fuel pump on your Porsche provides gas your vehicle needs to operate. Without one, or if yours is not performing as it should, your Porsche will not function as designed. The engineering of a Porsche has stayed at the forefront of high performing sports cars year after year. Although well-built, the Porsche is a mechanical machine and subject to issues with its systems, especially as the car takes on higher mileage. One such problem common to the Porsche is a leaking fuel pump. Let’s look at how to know if your Porsche fuel pump is leaking.

Purpose of a Fuel Pump

The purpose of a fuel pump in your Porsche and other vehicles is to feed the engine with fuel by pumping it from the gas tank and into the engine with the correct pressure for combustion. Without this one component operating as it should, you will surely experience issues with your Porsche’s performance.

Signs Your Porsche Fuel Pump is Leaking

  • Fuel Spillage: Obviously, if your fuel pump is leaking on your Porsche, you will begin to see liquid fuel on the ground under your car. Well before this happens, a strong smell of gasoline will appear.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: If you do not notice the sight and smell of leaking fuel from your fuel pump, you will find your Porsche’s mileage per gallon takes a steep hit. With fuel leaking out of your car, you’ll find yourself at the pump more frequently than normal.
  • Underperformance: Your Porsche’s computer system is designed to create a mixture of oxygen and fuel that allows your vehicle to run at optimum performance. If the fuel is not pressured correctly due to a leaking pump, it can cause the computer to adjust the mixture needed for your car to run as designed. This will lead to a less efficient performance by your vehicle.

Dangers of a Fuel Pump Leak

A leaking fuel pump causes an unsafe situation. The problem with a leaky pump is that the fuel that spills out creates gas fumes. When these fumes combine with your car’s ignition, they can cause a fire or explosion that is dangerous to you and your vehicle. If at any time you smell the odor of gas while in your Porsche, have it immediately checked for leaks by a certified technician with experience servicing German-engineered vehicles.

Outside of the safety issues that will arise, damage can also occur to your car if there is a leaking fuel pump. As the Porsches computer adjusts the fuel needed for your car it will not only cause underperformance but lead to issues such as running rich, or lean in the combustion process. If this process is off even by a little, your catalytic converter may be damaged.

How to Maintain Your Porsche to Prevent a Leaking Fuel Pump

When you purchased your Porsche, it came with a recommendation from the manufacturer to have it on a maintenance schedule. These scheduled service calls are designed to prevent problems with all of your car’s components by finding small issues before they turn into larger ones.

As several models of the Porsche were found to have problems over time, a service center experienced in working on the Porsche will already be prepared to look for this defect. During a service inspection, they will repair the cause of the leak before it happens.

When it comes to your Porsche and other highly-engineered European vehicles, a skilled technician is trained on the latest technology and what to look for when servicing your automobile. Long before any smells of gasoline or puddles of fuel are found on the ground under your Porsche, an experienced shop will find the problem and correct it.

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