BMWs are created with meticulously-calibrated engineering, but they still have their peculiarities. The door lock failure is one of such quirks. As simple as locking and unlocking your BMW with the key fob might seem, several factors are at play.

The key fob communicates with your vehicle receiver through a built-in radio frequency which transmits the fob’s rolling codes and commands. The receiver then decodes the data stream and executes your lock or unlock command. If one of the various components set into motion by your command fails, there is a breakdown in the whole process, causing the failure of your door locks.

When this happens, you will have difficulty locking or unlocking your vehicle. Several factors, including a faulty actuator, wiring problem, blown fuse, faulty control module, or a malfunctioning key fob, could have caused the failure.

Reasons Behind the Failure of Your BMW Door Lock

Although it looks straightforward, several components work in unison for the smooth functioning of your door lock. The failure of one of these components would cause your door lock to fail. Discussed below are some reasons why your BMW door lock failed.

Faulty Door Lock Actuator

The door lock actuator is one of the first components to check for a problem. The actuator is the electrical device that locks and unlocks your car. Your door will have difficulty responding to your lock and unlock commands. Apart from having trouble receiving commands, you may also hear strange noises and spontaneous locking and unlocking of the door without pressing the key fob.

Malfunctioning Key Fob

Vehicles have advanced from the old days of manually rolling up windows or locking and unlocking doors. Things are now done with the push of buttons. Vehicle doors are now locked and unlocked automatically with the key fob. However, when the key fob fails, you’ll almost certainly have issues with your BMW’s door locks.

The failed key fob could have resulted from something as minute as dead batteries or complex problems such as faulty internal programming of the key fob. Although changing the batteries usually solves the problem, if not, you will have to visit a BMW specialist to examine the key fob properly.

Wiring Problem

Your door lock is connected to your BMW’s electrical system. The function of the vehicle electrical system is to generate and supply electric current to electrical powered systems, including your door locks. When there is a broken wiring connection, it can cause the door locks to fail.

Blown Fuse

If you notice that only one of your door locks failed, a blown fuse is usually responsible. Replacing a blown fuse is quick and inexpensive. Still, it is advisable to have the issue checked by a BMW specialist as the blown fuse could have resulted from other factors.

Faulty Control Modules

A faulty control could also cause your door locks to malfunction. Control systems must also be programmed, which adds to the repair cost and is sometimes VIN specific. A BMW specialist is highly recommended for accurate diagnosis and programming of the control module.

While the door lock can fail unexpectedly, most times, it usually gives signs. Hence, you should always pay attention to your vehicle and quickly attend to any changes before they become a full blown failure.

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