Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the main components that need to be monitored and maintained is the emissions air injection pump. This is an important part of keeping your vehicle safe and operating at its peak performance. So, how do you know when your Mercedes-Benz emissions air injection pump has failed? Read on for more information about signs of failure, as well as what can be done to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Reduced Engine Performance

The primary sign that your Mercedes-Benz emissions air injection pump has failed is reduced engine performance. Your car may be noticeably slower or make strange noises during acceleration or deceleration, which could be a result of the air injection pump not being able to provide enough pressure to keep your engine running optimally.

Additionally, if your check engine light turns on while you’re driving, this indicates that there could be something going wrong in the exhaust system and should definitely be checked out by one of our professional mechanics.

“Black Death”

In some cases, the failure may cause black smoke to billow out from the tailpipe due to incomplete combustion of fuel. This is known as “black death” and should not be taken lightly – it could lead to irreparable damage to both your engine and exhaust system if left untreated for too long. If you notice any type of black smoke coming from your car’s tailpipe, immediately take it to us for inspection before further damage occurs.

Leaks Under The Hood Or Around The Dashboard Area

One surefire sign that something is wrong with the emissions air injection pump of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is if you start noticing leaks under the hood or around the dashboard area – this could indicate that there’s a problem with one of its hoses or pipes (no matter what kind). If ignored for too long, these leakages can not only cause harm to other components but can also result in increased fuel consumption due to lost pressure within the system.

Rattling Noises

Last but not least, listen out for rattling noises coming from underneath and near the dashboard when you start up, accelerate, decelerate, or turn off your vehicle – these sounds are commonly caused by loose parts within the air injection pump system.

Luckily taking care of these problems isn’t impossible, but does require prompt attention from one of our experienced technicians who specializes in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We will be able to diagnose any issues quickly and accurately before suggesting necessary repairs or replacements. Keep in mind that all parts used will meet OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.

Remain Alert

There are multiple symptoms associated with failure in an emissions air injection pump, so always remain alert when driving or noticing strange noises coming from underneath/around your dash area – chances are high that these signals are indicating an underlying issue related directly or indirectly related to one such component. Make sure regular maintenance checks are carried out on all parts including filters and lubricants so that any problems can be caught before they get worse – prevention is key when it comes down to taking care of our beloved cars.

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