Ever wonder why some BMW cars with manual transmissions run smoothly for years while others are always in the repair shop? A lot of it comes down to how well you look after the components under the hood, especially the clutch.

The clutch in your BMW is used to shift gears in the car. This component connects the spinning engine to the wheels that move the car. When you press down on the clutch pedal with your foot, it tells your car to take a little break and it separates the engine from the wheels so you can change gears without damaging the car. Once you pick the right gear and let go of the pedal, your clutch gets back to work, linking the engine’s power back to the wheels, and making your car move smoothly.

So, how do you keep its clutch from getting damaged? Don’t worry, we’ve got some easy tips to help you out. Let’s get into it and make sure your BMW stays on the road, running like a dream.

Pro Tips for Extending the Life of Your BMW Clutch

  • Use Your Handbrake on Hills: If you’re parked on a hill, you should expect your BMW to roll down like a ball because of its round tires. Some people use the clutch to stop the car from rolling back by keeping it halfway pressed. This is hard on the clutch. Instead, think of the handbrake as a doorstop. Just like you’d use a doorstop to keep a door open, use your handbrake to keep the car from rolling. This will take the pressure off the clutch and make it last longer.
  • Don’t Keep Your Foot on the Clutch All the Time: You don’t keep your finger on the switch after you’ve turned the light on in your home, right? Similarly, once you’ve changed gears in your car, you need to take your foot completely off the clutch pedal. If you keep it there, lightly pressing without realizing it, it’s like partially using the clutch all the time. This habit is bad because it wears out the clutch much faster.
  • Shift Gears Gently: Think of shifting gears like moving a baby from a crib to a bed. You wouldn’t just toss the baby; you’d gently lift and place them where they need to be. That’s how you should treat shifting gears: don’t force it or rush it. If you’re too rough with your clutch engagement every time you want to change gear, you will end up making the clutch wear out Gentle and smooth shifts make everything last longer and work better.
  • Don’t Press Down the Clutch In Traffic: If you’re waiting for a friend who’s taking their sweet time to come out. Instead of standing at the door, you’d probably sit down and relax, right? Do the same with your car’s clutch when you’re stopped at traffic lights or stuck in a jam. Pop the gear into neutral (like sitting down) and take your foot off the clutch pedal (like relaxing). Keeping the clutch pressed down (like standing and waiting) tires it out and wears it down faster, just like your legs would get tired of standing.
  • Avoid Overloading: Have you ever tried to carry all your groceries in one go because you didn’t want to make a second trip? Your arms feel like they’re going to fall off, right? When you overload your car or tow something too heavy, it’s like asking it to carry all those groceries at once. The clutch gets stressed and wears out faster because it’s working too hard. Stick to carrying or towing what your BMW can handle comfortably to keep your clutch in good shape.

Where Can You Get Quality Transmission Maintenance?

If you’ve noticed your BMW’s clutch isn’t working like BMW Clutch Maintenance it used to, it might be time for a new one. Check us out at Momentum Motorworks for all your clutch fixes. Our expert mechanics know their stuff and offer great service without breaking the bank.

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