The first automatic transmission car was designed in 1921. Since that time, it has gained popularity by phasing out manual transmission cars.

An automatic transmission car is a car that has an automatic transmission so that the driver does not have to change gears manually. The transmission in a car can also be called a gearbox, and it is in charge of directing the speed and rotational force of a car. The automatic transmission makes use of sensors to change gears at the right time using internal oil pressure. The changing of gears in an automatic transmission occurs when the gearbox is temporarily disconnected from the engine.

Common Problems in Automatic Transmissions

The following are some of the problems your automatic transmission car may face:

  • Delay when the gear is engaged: If you experience a delay when your gear is engaged, this shows that the transmission of your car is having issues. This could come as a result of a slipping clutch or a problem in the pressure pump.
  • Gears Slip: This can come as a result of failing to regularly service your car’s automatic transmission. In most modern automatic transmission cars, it is the ECU that assesses the different variables and signals the transmission system to select the right gear. If the ECU or transmission system does not respond when you step on the accelerator, it can cause the gears to slip.
  • Leakage of Transmission Fluid: If the transmission fluid in your car leaks, the transmission systems will start to misbehave. If left unchecked, it could cause a serious problem that would cost you a lot of money to fix.
  • Grinding of Gears: If you do not regularly maintain your transmission system, one of the issues your car may face is grinding gears. What causes this most times is a result of leaks in the transmission system that has made the transmission fluid low or emptied it.
  • Transmission not Responding: When any gear is selected, the automatic transmission should naturally respond. If that doesn’t happen, then something is wrong, and you need to get your car checked. The lack of response in your car transmission system could be a result of old transmission fluid that has become thick or problems in the electrical system of the car.
  • Making Noises: If you notice any noise (either rumbling or whining) in your automatic transmission car when driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission, this could be a result of wear out of a bearing or other rotating components in the car.
  • Check Engine Light Comes On: The check engine light lets you know when something is wrong with any component of your engine. A faulty transmission can trigger the light to come on. The transmission in your car is equipped with sensors that send a signal to the ECU of your vehicle if something is wrong.
  • Engine Stalling Repeatedly: This is a common problem in torque converter automatic transmission systems. If the clutch in your transmission is having problems disengaging, it can cause the engine to stall The attachment of the transmission and engine will prevent the half shaft from rotating.
  • Transmission Overheating: Aside from lubricating the components in the transmission system, the transmission fluid has other uses. One of the uses is to cool the moving components of the transmission system, maintaining the temperature in the system. If there is a leak in the system and the fluid leaks out or the fluid becomes low, the transmission system will start to overheat, which can cause a serious problem to the transmission system and your car at large.

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