The clutch slave cylinder is part of the hydraulic clutch engagement system which is only included in cars with a manual transmission. This very important component of your Audi can lead to extremely volatile performance issues when it needs to be repaired or replaced. Clutch slave cylinder failure can be an isolated failure or can fail in tandem with other components of the transmission and clutch system.

The Main Function of the Clutch Slave Cylinder

The clutch slave cylinder is a crucial part of the hydraulic clutch engagement system. This device engages the clutch when the driver shifts gears. This is how this system works in a nutshell:

  • The driver pushes down on the clutch with their foot.
  • A plunge inside the master cylinder is then depressed, pushing the hydraulic (brake fluid) pressure towards to the slave cylinder.
  • Pressure is then applied to the clutch release bearing which finally allows the clutch to disengage.

The clutch must be free to fully disengage in order to freely shift the vehicle. Any leak caused by a faulty seal, cracked hose, etc., can cause the entire system to fail and lead to disastrous ramifications on your Audi.

How to Tell if Something is Wrong With Your Clutch Slave Cylinder

A failing clutch slave cylinder is a pretty crucial issue. A repair is possible but replacement is usually more feasible, as most of the repairs can be quite difficult and pricey.

If your Audi is exhibiting the following issues, you should get it into a shop right away for inspection. Even if these issues don’t point to a faulty clutch slave cylinder, they could be symptomatic of an equally serious issue with your vehicle.

Problems with the Clutch Pedal

If you push down on the clutch pedal and notice any changes, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle inspected by a notable mechanic. Generally speaking, if you press down on the clutch and it instantly sinks to the floor or does the opposite and pushes back when you try to depress it, then there is a good chance your vehicle has a faulty clutch slave cylinder. This is also a common indicator of brake fluid leaking around the clutch pedal, which is also a sign of a faulty clutch slave cylinder.

Difficult Time Shifting

Depression of the clutch pedal is not the only issue you may face in the event that your clutch slave cylinder goes bad; another common issue is a difficult time shifting gears. Grinding gears is a horribly notable sound. If your gears are grinding either continually or periodically, you could have a faulty clutch slave cylinder. One of the most common causes for this grinding is a clutch that does not fully disengage. You may also incur problems with shifting even without the grinding.

If you notice that your vehicle just isn’t shifting right, you should get an inspection from a trusted mechanic so you can pinpoint the exact cause for this malfunction. Continuing to drive under these conditions without repair or replacement will inevitably lead to worse complications later on down the road.

Unresponsive Clutch

You may also discover that your Audi’s clutch is either slow to respond or completely unresponsive. This generally means that whenever you press down on the clutch, the gears either won’t switch at all or hesitate to switch. The culprit for this lack of response usually is a disconnect between the clutch slave cylinder and the clutch release bearing.

Leaking Hydraulic Fluid

We already know that the clutch slave cylinder relies on hydraulic pressure. If the hydraulic fluid is leaking, there will be issues with the clutch system. This might result in gears that are difficult to shift that may or may not grind. If you suspect your vehicle is leaking hydraulic fluid then park on dry pavement, or set a sheet of cardboard underneath your vehicle and let it sit overnight.

Finding a Audi Specialist

An Audi is a masterpiece of automotive engineering Porsche New Clutch Slave Cylinder and needs unique care. Only a mechanic who is specially trained in work on Audis should be allowed under the hood of your prized possession.

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